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How Robbie Balances His Dreams and His Life

Robbie's ShoesAnother’s appreciative smile is truly priceless. I’m a fortunate man. As I ponder the past years, childhood to present, I see a pattern of serving and assisting others.

I only recently recognized that I have been very lucky to have been given an opportunity to balance two very desirable, professional service careers: entertainment and manufacturing maintenance.

My career as an expert maintenance technician affords me the opportunity to directly serve a bio-tech research, manufacturing facility whose focus is improving the lives of so many patients suffering various forms of degraded health. I’m elated to know that my technician efforts directly and indirectly touch the lives of so many around the world.

My career as a singer-songwriter directly impacts music lovers worldwide, because my songs attach themselves to the listeners’ individual experiences, or dreams. Good songs “make ‘em smile” or “make ‘em cry”, but a song should never leave anyone just sitting there emotionless. Making the world laugh or cry is very rewarding.

Because we each have lives, and we each have dreams, I’ve discovered that a walk in my shoes really isn’t any different than a walk in the shoes of anyone else. I have learned, however, that I’m a servant, regardless of my career role…and I LOVE it.

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