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Robbie CurrieYour List
Robbie Currie © 2015

You do affect me,
My heart labors to find its beat,
You’ll forever grace my memories,
As if a model’s runway is beneath your feet,

You entangle me,
I’m tightly bound, there’s no escape,
Your enticing cords seduce me,
I succumb even more with every breath I take,

You mesmerize me,
My glance is a long loving stare,
You are a Goddess who stops time,
The whole world no longer turns when I see you here,

You soon noticed me,
Your ecstasy had fixed my gaze,
Tell-tale signs of my love for you,
Shown like a lighthouse for a ship to find its way,

You devoured me,
You inhaled my soul without waste,
You leaned close, I could taste your breath,
I craved your kiss, a sign that you felt the same way,

You then chastened me,
Your sparkle faded, lightning struck,
When your eyes stormed with emotion,
And your angelic voice thundered, “Men Really Suck!”

You so wounded me,
You cut me, you carved me so deep,
With daggers in your bedroom eyes,
And piercing words your razor-sharp tongue chose to speak,

You reminded me,
Men do suck, and they’ll never change,
It’s always a good guy like me,
Who is punished for them acting in their bad ways,

You awakened me,
From my slumber you snapped me to,
From marrying you in my dreams,
To learning you hate men, that means you hate me too,

You refocused me,
To win you, I’ll do anything,
I’ll separate from those bad men,
But I draw the line at gender surgical means,

You have listed me,
I’m on it just ‘cause I’m a man,
To you I suck like the others,
But is there some rating, tell me where do I stand,

You now inspire me,
Your list is a rating of hate,
Those who “suck most” are at the top,
So there’s room in which I intend to navigate,

You enlightened me,
I’m cognizant, this list I’m on,
It’s a scale that is upside-down,
I bet your list started “thanks” to jerk number one,

You motivate me,
I accept living on your list,
I’ll work to earn your second thoughts,
I’ll have you saying, “perhaps I judged him too quick!”

Do understand me,
I’m walking a pained, hurtful road,
But with each step I’ll try to reach,
The bottom of your list as fast as I can go…

Robbie Currie   © 1986     

The family album is always open,
And he stares at your pictures inside,
He wishes for all the good times,
Before leaving had crossed your mind...

The night time finds him sleeping,
His only peace since you've been gone,
But morning awakes, the same question each day,
Daddy, when's momma coming home...

I can't stand the pain I see in him,
His broken heart just breaks me in two,
We're fighting the pain since you've gone away,
Yes darling, we're sure missing you,
I still try to face, the choice God made,
On the date that's carved on your stone,
But what must I say when he asks me today,
Daddy, when's momma coming home...

Robbie CurrieI Am He
Robbie Currie   © 2000

Your beauty is beyond words,
And your kindness is heaven sent,
I am very rich for I have found,
The jewel at the rainbow’s end…

Many say it’s my good luck,
But blessed I am, for you see,
A treasure like you is not by chance,
You were sent by God to me…

From time to time, brag I must,
For you, I can’t help but flaunt,
Don’t boast man, you must hold back,
Perhaps I could, but I won’t…

I jump with joy, you chose me,
And there are men far much better,
But I am he that you have pledged,
To Love forever, and ever, and ever.

Robbie CurrieSilent I Love You
Robbie Currie   © 1985

His thoughts were pure and his lips were silent,
Though he was a magician with words,
But his magic was heard through his eyes,
With a voice as warm as no ear has ever heard...

His heart was a prison, his feelings in shackles,
That he had a locked away for many years,
But his pain was unchained, and seen in his eyes,
As they slowly filled with tears...

She's the queen of his kingdom of dreams,
Since childhood from this throne she's reigned,
But there will be no fairytale happy ending,
Just a curse - a robe of sorrow and pain...

Their two hearts borne moments of joy,
From a wedlock they've never known,
But her journey is their judge, their divorced by time,
And she's leaving him empty and all alone...

With a childlike gaze and her final breath,
She grasped his hand to help see him through,
One last exchange of their unspoken vows,
Goodbye, and their silent "I Love You."

Robbie CurrieKathy
(Written for my friend, Kathy Zarate)
Robbie Currie   © 2000

One year older, you become today,
But your birth is not all,
We celebrate this birthday,
This is the time you’re honored by friends,
But today seems more special,
Than other birthdays have been,
Everyone needs the kindness you share,
But the world’s a big place,
You can’t be everywhere,
We’re so excited you’re eating cake for two,
Because this world needs more people,
Just like you.


Robbie CurrieWhere Is Your Love
Robbie Currie © 2006

Where is your love,
What loyalty bends your knee,
Why is there passion,
But only yourself is pleased…

Where is your sight,
What fantasies fix your gaze,
Why does your blindness,
Lead only yourself astray…

Where is your sound,
What apathy shields your ear,
Why is there deafness,
But yourself you choose to hear…

Where is your touch,
What surety soothes your feel,
Why is there numbness,
Where you have affixed your seal…

Where is your mind,
What corruption seeds your brain,
Why is there wisdom,
But for yourself there’s no shame…

Where is your self,
What wickedness steals your soul,
Why is there pardon,
For your transgressions not told…

Where is your love,
What loyalty bends your knee,
Why does your passion,
Comfort no one except thee?

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