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Dedicated to those artists we'll never forget

  • JOHN PAUL JONES  - Bassist, Lead Guitarist, Steel Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Music Instructor,
    Steel Guitar Magazine Contributor, Bandleader - See the article by Jason Odd >>
  • INA BEAR of the The Teddy Bears - Pianist, Singer, Songwriter
  • THEODORE BEAR of The Teddy Bears - Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter
  • LOU MARTIN - Guitarist, Singer, Christian Minister
  • MICHAEL RAY TIDBALL - Steel Guitarist, Singer
  • BOBBY BOYD - Steel Guitarist, Bassist, Singer
  • CHUCK ISOM - Guitarist, Steel Guitarist, Bassist, Singer
  • DAVE AUSTIN - Bassist, Singer, Songwriter, Studio Owner
  • DANNY MICHAELS - Guitarist, Singer, Bandleader
  • TOM BRUMLEY - (steeler for Buck Owens, Rick Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, others)
  • JOHN HUGHEY- (steeler for Conway Twitty, Vince Gill)
  • ARCHIE FRANCIS (LA drummer: Palomino Riders for years)
  • HANK COCHRAN - (prolific songwriter) - See the NY Times article >>
  • VERN GOSDIN - "The Voice" - See The Steel Guitar Forum article >>
  • DON HELMS (steel for Hank Williams Sr.)
  • JOHNNY FRALEY (LA drummer, singer - often drummed for Robbie Currie's Thundering Country)
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