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Robbie Currie

Robbie Currie was raised in the home of a Southern Baptist Minister in Dublin, Georgia, with a steady, predictable, and repetitious diet of Southern Gospel and Bluegrass music. 

As a child, he learned enough guitar to play and sing for family and friends. 

As Robbie matured and learned to make a living, he noticed and paid special attention to what is known today as classic country, or as he calls it, “the workin’ man's music.”

Especially influenced by Merle Haggard, he began to craft his own singer-songwriter style.

“Thankfully,” says Robbie, “I was raised on both Jesus and hard work.  My daddy is the perfect example of an imperfect man who struggles every day with Christian living.  Daddy always said that temptation is what makes the cross heavy.” 

Robbie’s music, original country and gospel with a mostly classic country sound, allows the listener a glimpse inside his own personal life, both past and present. 

Haggard and Robbie’s father are two influences that have inspired him to write honest music about seeking God’s kingdom through everyday life while making a few wrong choices along the way.

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